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LC8 Rekluse EXP update after ~ 7,000 miles.

I had the chance to TEST an early prototype version of this clutch starting Sept 2011. I had over 60,000 miles on my earlier Z-Start PRO Rekluse and really like how much more enjoyable it makes my touring/ Off-road Dual sport riding/ and Racing. I was very interested in comparing these 2 systems, but had to keep my mouth shut on many details during that time.

Many think that installing a Rekluse will turn your bike into an Automatic transmission. This is wrong. You still need to shift gears at the appropriate time, but this will slip/engage the clutch better and more consistant than a normal human can do all day long. Riding a 550lb bike offroad has it's own challenges. Having a Rekluse in my Adventure makes it feel like it's lost 100 lbs. I can consentrate on line choice and balance and keeps my arms from pumping up after a long day of trail riding. Off Road it makes for easeir starts on hills, in mud and sand, b/c you can easily control wheel spin.

ON road I enjoy it b/c it allows for a more relaxed ride around town and stop and go traffic on the freeway is a breeze. Put it in 1st or 2nd and just roll on and off the trottle. You have enough to keep an eye in rush hour traffic (Cell phone users and Texters), A Rekluse can help get rid of another added stress.

I feel that this NEW EXP system has much better and more consistant on/off throttle conntrol. Engine braking is still there down the engagement point setup by the installer. Many options are possible by changing out differant stiffnesses of spings and ramp weights.

I started with a setup that felt more like a MX bike. It would shift out hard and at a higher RPM (~1800RPM) Then changed to a softer setting that felt much more natural. This would start a smooth engage around 1,500 PRM and be fully locked in around 2,300 RPM. We did this testing on a Dyno and could see this in the torque curve.

In order to install the NEW EXP on my bike I was required to reinstall all the stock clutch parts (Center hub- booster system) This was only b/c I had the Z- Start Pro system installed

This NEW will allow for faster and easier installs for EXP Rekluse purchases.

Another Great plus of this system is that it comes w/ a NEW clutch slave that allows you to lock out the system to potentially bump start the bike.

This is built in to the NEW SLAVE unit.

I started by removing my Oberon Slave unit and installing the REKLUSE Slave. There is an EXTERNAL adjustment system on the LC8 EXP. You can fine tune the Clutch Gain and lock it out for bump starting w/ only a 13mm wrench and 4 mm allen. This is differant than the Z- start Pro. The PRO system required you to take the end roller system off the assembly and replace a steel shim w/ a thicker one. This system is much faster and easier and can be done trail side.

While you're in that area check your OIL JET for anything plugging it.

(I drilled mine out to .5mm to increase oil flow to the system. This helps keep things cooler, potentially keep the just from clogging sooner and should prolong the life of the booster ramps.

One down fall is the bike might need a little blip of the throttle to get it in to nuetral when running. Shifts normal any other time. I normally coast to stop engine off and click to nuetral once stopped, that's my system)

Tighten this down and bleed out the system.

Next up was removing the clutch cover and pressure plate. Pretty straight forward. This can all be done with tools in your kit.

I removed the first fiber and steel plate. Set those aside w/ the pressure plate. The first fiber against the ALUM pressure plate is a special KTM fiber.

Them remove the next 3 fibers and 2 steels.

The EXP Core is held together by 6 small clips. In between them are the weights and spings. The entire Assembled core replaces 3 fibers and 2 steels.

The pressure plate only fits in one way. Look for the arrow on the face and match that up w/ the arrow on the center hub.

Bolt everything back together like a normal clutch. Clean out the threads of the booster studs and install some blue loc-tite to make sure this won't loosen up.

One great thing w/ this new system is there are NO BALLS to deal w/ and it can easily be installed w/ the bike on it's sidestand w/ almost NO oil loss.

My EST would be to figure about 3 hrs for your average wrench to install this. If you've already worked on any of these systems it should be about 2hrs.

Bolted the clutch cover back on.

Started it up and adjusted the clutch save for the proper Lever Gain.

The z-start PRO system had the required GAP built into the system Internally by replacing steel shims.

The LC8 EXP system has the GAP set Externally by the SLAVE and the adjustable piston and jam nut.

Break the system in w/ some slow starts and stops per Rekluse instructions.

If you want to change setups on the CORE, I start by removing tension on the SLAVE adjuster. Them remove the CORE like you would replace a fiber. Much faster than the Z-start Pro.

I did all this the weekend before I left for the KTM National Rally in Lake Tahoe, NV 2011. A few test laps around my track and subdivision. I was comfortable and confident in the system.

I packed up the bike and headed west. Let the TESTING BEGIN:
And as in normal CJ testing..... this won't be your average ride around the block.

When heading WEST from Wisconsin the first challenge is getting accross the plains. This would LONG sustained speeds for hours on end and often 200+ miles between stops.
After a day and half and over 1,000 miles across the plains it was great to be off the freeway and camping. Next day would be more dirt testing.

The system worked great. No issues, on/ off throttle was smooth and consistant. Engine breaking was normal and was tested on every off ramp.

Next day was down through WY into northern CO and into UT. About 600 miles camping in the sand dunes West of SLC, UT.

Again, no issuues. Clutch gain and engagement felt the same all day long.

I arrived in Lake Tahoe, NV ready to hang out and hit some trails.

More to come......
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