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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post

Why can't one have diversity in what he rides/wears without being labled a poser, pirate, storm trooper, etc.

I can think of one label you left out that describes ANYONE on ANY bike that doesn't wear gear...

And lol at "storm trooper".

Yeah, I bet that's the one thing he/she was thinking about when he/she left the house looking like that.

IOW's, that's how someone else considers their "look", not how one considers him/herself.

I am definitely not a ATGATT Nazi, and don't practice what I preach... But man that's such a small percent. I consider even the sweat pants under my jeans better than just jeans..

And tho I'd LOVE to wear my SIdi's every time I ride, it's just not possible or practical. But I don't exactly replace them with sneakers...
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