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Originally Posted by HappyCRNA View Post
Does ATG have a standardized definition?

I don't yet own pants with knee and hip armor, but my riding jacket has the CE-approved plates at the shoulders and elbows and back (no kidney belt). I don't wear a neck support nor a spine plate. I wear a FF helmet on the roads and a MX helmet with goggles on trails. I have boots for street and for trails, and I wear them whenever I ride.

I wear what I have, but am I a poser for not having accumulated all my gear yet?

Also, are you a poser if you only wear select pieces of what's available instead of purchasing and wearing every safety item available? I don't have a day-glo vest yet either.

I'm sure that I'm a poser for some reason or I have to count this as a reason for my poserliness too? (lilbitosarcasm)

YOU are also missing my point. I am calling him a poser for matching gear to bike, not for what he wears. I couldn't care less if he is wearing gear or not, but to wear full gear on a sport bike, and no gear on a cruiser, is simply wearing gear as a fashion statement, posing.

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