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Let the games begin.

To all who have expressed interest in building a Spud of their own. After counseling from a "good" lawyer (Dykas & Shaver, Boise) I have decided to sell plans/parts-lists to Spud. Details will be posted in the vendors forum. The offer will grant a licence to build one unit. The plans will be copyrighted and only delivered after receipt of a liability waver.

Now the fun part. A unit number tag corresponding to the licence agreement will be issued with each plan set. Units 0001, 0002, and 0003 will require a production quality build and commitment to hit a few shows this spring. 1-3 will need a submition to show the quality of workmanship the builder will attempt. All licencees can run as far and wide as they will with the concept understanding all inovation and improvments become the property of the licencor. For example, even a sidecar that opens into a bed would need a licensing agrement because it uses Spud's opening process.

How much would be a resonable charge? If one is granted the 0001 - 0003 build rights the price will be $1.

I picked up Spud II from the fabricators today because I want to go winter camping.
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