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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
So what is the collective wisdom. Read

Can a rider be ATGATT one day riding a sport/sport touring bike and the next day dress like a pirate while on a loud pipe cruiser?

If yes, what does that say about the rider and what does it say about those of us who think it's not possible or the rider is somehow a poser.

I saw this posted over on the GS Oilhead forum and it prompted the question over here. Seems like a lot of the guys on Oilhead read the story but have not commented.

A quote from the linked article about Ola of the Design Chiefs for BMW responsible for the HP2 Sport and S1000RR

What is your favorite journey? I’ve got two, a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde kinda thing. Number one is going to the legendary Norrtälje Custom Bike Show with my club, Plebs Choppers. We gather on a Saturday morning, have breakfast, and get the bikes cleaned and polished before hitting the road. It’s usually about 15 to 20 bikes. After a couple of miles of hooligan riding through Stockholm suburbs, we finally head north on a beautiful backroad going from Stockholm to Norrtälje. It’s just such a relaxed ride, hanging out with your buddies on the road. All on home-built bikes—choppers, bobbers, café racers, all open pipes. The sun reflecting off polished aluminum. It’s a pure experience, in Stereophonic Exhaust Sound and Kandyapple Metalflake Kolor.

Number two is doing 3.2 kilometers, lap after lap, at the Gotland Ring racetrack—my home track (below). Chasing that perfect line, preferably on an S1000RR. Perfect bike, perfect track … hitting the straight hard. Braking too late. Somehow you make it. Maxed out lean angle, but you’re still not fast enough. Traction control working hard. Such a trip, constantly over 10,000 rpm, lap after lap. The sound, the smell, the wind. A helluva journey!

Read the whole story here:

who gives a fuck?

here's a guy doing what he loves. IMO he is NOT a poser because he LIVES it all around. the ATGATT crew is only a certain percentage of those of us who ride. no one outside the ATGATT crew will EVER satisfy the ATGATT need to not only wear ATGATT but to tell everyone ELSE that THEY should also wear ATGATT.

so hurray for the guy who owns AND rides his different bikes his own way. and makes a living working with motorcycles as well. and boo to the nay-sayers whose OPINION is he's somehow wrong in doing so.
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