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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Let me ask you a question? Were you wanting discussion, or validation?

Yes, it is that simple to me. If he dresses to match the bike, he is posing! That has nothing to do with whether or not he can ride, does ride, rides a little or a lot.


PS Nice creative change of your first post!
Thanks Jim

That explanation makes sense and I now see where your coming from.

I don't need a validation and was looking more for a discussion.

Personally, I dress somewhat according to the style of bike I'm riding so maybe by your defination I am a poser and I can accept that but I validate it more according to the level of "perceived" risk.

While riding my cruiser I tend to ride slower and less aggressively than when on previous and current non-cruiser bikes. Someone following me who wants to pass in the twisties very well may assume (by my dress and pace) that I'm the sterotypical slow cruiser rider with poor skills when that is simply not the case.

If I know I will be riding more aggressively, I will gear up more and I suspect a lot of guys do this as shown in the posted link. Is this a smart way to ride? Probably not but it's our choice.

Just thought the Jekyll and Hyde description from the BMW guy was cool and wondered what others think.
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