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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
I worry more about blunt force trauma and spinal cord injuries, of which gloves, boots, and textile/leather with armor don't do much to mitigate.
a back protector will.

knee armor will mitigate breaking your knee cap (which certainly can be a life altering injury).

shattered ankles, broken feet, torn achilles, torn plantar, etc. can be also definitely be life altering injuries. shattered elbows...

i have a nagging shoulder injury that has affected my quality of life at times for over 10 years. i got it by having my shoulder driven into the ground without any kind of padding/armor on it (while playing sports). i've driven my shoulders into the ground wearing armor while dirt biking many times. never had any injury as a result.

body armor definitely does help mitigate life altering impact injuries...certainly not all of them, but definitely some.

having said that...i think people should wear whatever the hell they want to wear.
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