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what does "poser" REALLY mean?

in my mind a "poser" (in regards to motorcycling)
is someone who has a stupidly expensive bike and 3000.00 worth of gear- all to ride only a couple miles a year, say- to the bar and back, or only on sunny Sundays.

a dude who owns at least two different types of bikes- one of which HE BUILT FROM SCRATCH, rides dirt and street, AND makes his living designing motorcycles for a major international motorcycle company is more a motorcyclist than many of the ADVrider inmates (i would venture to say) and NOT, repeat- DEFINITELY NOT a poser. he is, in fact actually LIVING it. living the dream- designing, riding AND BUILDING motorcycles.

one of the dictionary's [short] definitions of "poser" is:
(noun) "a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not".

this dude, of all people- does NOT fit that description. in fact many of us would LOVE to be in his place, or at least be involved so heavily in the activity which is our greatest passion- motorcycling.
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