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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
The broader question is not what gear one wears... but if one chooses to wear different gear with different styles of bikes (and god forbid with loud pipes) can he do so without being labled a poser.

By your defination he can't, by mine he can.

Just wondering how others see it.

If that guy in the pic on the chopper rode by with loud pipes and no gear how many here would think to themselves....he's pos poser. But when the same guy rode by in full gear on a sport bike would those same guys be calling him a poser? I don't think so.
Again, and either I am not making myself clear, or people refuse to read what I write, if he swaps gear for no gear, simply because he swaps bikes, he is posing. It has nothing to do with his riding skill, miles or dedication to riding. It is affecting a look to match the bike, and not for value of the gear. In other words, changing shoes to match his purse, so to speak.

The question I was answering, from the original post:

Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
So what is the collective wisdom. Read

Can a rider be ATGATT one day riding a sport/sport touring bike and the next day dress like a pirate while on a loud pipe cruiser?

If yes, what does that say about the rider and what does it say about those of us who think it's not possible or the rider is somehow a poser.
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