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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
This is certainly a bizarre thread,

Everybody worrying about what others are wearing, just like a bunch of 13 year old girls.
I know what gear works for me and would wear the same thing what ever I ride, I don't care if it looks "right", I ride because I like it, not as a fashion or lifestyle statement.

YOU, are NOT a poser based on what you just wrote.

This is the thing, based on the posed question, if you wear what you wear, no matter what you ride, you are not posing. If you swap gear like making the panties match the bra, you are posing.

This does NOT necessarily make you a poser in the traditional sense, but you are most definitely using your gear to affect a look commensurate with the bike you are riding!

Do I care? Not in the least. But the question was asked, and I assumed it was an honest question, so I answered it.

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