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I wear what I want when I want, some what atgatt but not neccesserily so. I guess I'm lucky to have a bike for whatever mood I'm in but not allways dressed for the bike I'm on. I might show up to the Harley shop on a metric or the metric shop on a harley. To me what matters is that you ride, not what or how you are dressed. With friends in the business it has gotten me a few free tshirts. [ man you can't wear that here] Propper footwear helmet and jacket are allways essential and at least long pants. Tried wearing shorts and a tshirt once,never again. If someone wants to dress as a pirate good for him. remember we are motorcyclists and this isn't a fashion show, show a little tollerance and you might make a friend. Rubber side down and God bless. So the answer is YES!
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