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Last Ride of 2011

The days before Christmas I went out and explored up in the hills on the west side of Shawnigan, and found that there was a lot more riding out there than I realized! I didn't have my camera out for that ride, but knew I'd be back again to explore some more territory.

New Years Eve Eve, I went out again. I stumbled across an apparent Trials club grounds. I'd Love to get into this, I did Bicycle Trials for years, and have always had moto trials in the back of the mind. How can I do this without a truck though? I'm betting people probably don't lend out trials bikes too often. Lending was always a bit touchy with bicycle trials! Smashed derailleurs, rims, tubes, broken frames, It's a pricey sport to learn!


The DRZ is a bit big for this kind of riding in my opinion. It can be done, but its a workout! I'd still like to try some lower gearing sometime though.



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