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Originally Posted by ricochetrider View Post
well thank god i'm in the clear and not likely to be labeled a *poser* by YFFs -
i have 4 leather jackets, two pairs of leather pants, one textile jacket, one pair of assless chaps,
and one Barbour International jacket. a closet full of helmets but only two i really use.
i wear [varying amounts of] the same shit whether i'm on my Norton, my vintage Triumph bobber, or either of my BMWs.
oh BTW-
my panties are blue, and my eyes are too.


at work i wear Carrhart pants, t-shirts, and heavy boots.
when i go out to dinner with my girl, i wear dress jeans, a nice shirt, and a leather sport coat with cowboy boots.
at Easter dinner, i wear a suit and tie, with pointy Italian shoes.

does that make me a poser because i change outfits to match the occasion?
If you consider riding a cruiser versus a sport bike an "occasion", then maybe!

You guys are trying real hard to read a lot into the discussion, or just are scared to be labeled by people you do not know, and do not care about.

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