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Originally Posted by kraven View Post
I get what Jim is saying.

I've seen people in the Physical Therapy and Rehab centers where I do my student observation who have severe trauma related injuries from slow speed crashes. Just because you're on a cruiser and not riding balls out doesn't mean you can't still crack your melon or suffer a spinal injury, cracked or broken pelvis, etc. Not all low speed crashes just result in rash.
Changing your gear to a lower level of protection because you're on a cruiser is just not consistent with reality.

Watched a guy in myrtle beach last year get run completely over and killed at an intersection where I was about 6 cars back. No amount of gear will save you when an SUV runs you completely over and parks on you.
local news:

Had two high schoolers die right beside my house on grad night last year. They were belted in and in a car with airbags. I was one of the first ones on the scene and couldn't do a thing for either of them.

We pays our money and we takes our chances, ultimately.
Poser. Not a poser. I won't feel your rash if you're wearing a shirt and shorts. I won't feel your bruising if you bounce down the road in your leathers.
We engage in a crazy sport/hobby/lifestyle where the philosophy of posing or not is ultimately moot.
I gear up and hope for the best. But, someone texting could park a Tahoe on me and no matter how much gear I wear, I'll squish like a grape and make my way to ValHalla.
Despite all I have posted here, the highlighted text above is the base fact!

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