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Just as long as we're all sharing unasked for, unwanted, repetitive personal opinions...

While I begin with the caveat, "Ride your own ride," I'll never understand the logic behind the risk assessment that says, "I'm riding slow/not pushing it to the limits, thus I can wear less gear." Those two things are NOT related.

EVERY ride is slow, until it is fast. Meaning, as a street rider, logically you will almost certainly ride many more hours and many more miles going 35 mph than you will 70 mph. Heck, *5 mph*, everyone goes that slow riding out of the driveway each morning. Just like the oft-mentioned and oft-misunderstood line, "Most accidents happen near the home" (duh, because you spend most of your time near your home), the chances of getting into a low-speed accident that's either your fault (oops!) or some other person's fault (dang cagers! stupid deer!) are significantly greater over time than the 90 mph, fully-leaned-over, wannabe track day "We'll mail you your son's head once it's in the Hefty bag" accidents.

Which means that the correct risk assessment is that road rash *is* something to worry about, busted knees *are* something to worry about, and severe head/brain injuries-- which can happen anytime your bare head hits the ground, at any speed-- is something to protect against.

It's not that I don't value the freedom NOT to wear the gear- everyone's choice. It's that I just don't understand the risk assessment that goes into not wearing it. I'm already taking enough of a risk being exposed on a bike in order to enjoy myself, why taunt the devil any more than I absolutely must?

Off to grab a bacon sammich...
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