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Originally Posted by thadcon View Post
All of the above. I like the idea of being able to go out and run a few stages in a trip, then come back to run a few more. Kind of like a trip to Moab every spring and fall, except go and run a few rally stages. Really looking forward to see the final product.

Nice work.
+1. The fact that we are losing legal land access so fast, it boggles my mind, motivates me to go and see and do as much as possible for the time being. It's hard to go and wander anymore, as you always seem to end up at a wilderness area or some ranch with guns pointed at you or an impassable fenceline or ravine. To cover this kind of mileage and see this kind of country that is the last of the last of the truely remote, rideable stuff here in the US with the confidence that while the riding may not be easy, it will go on(without fines or imprisonment) as long as I can stand is also a major part of the appeal.

It's ALL fun, otherwise it would feel like work and I'd hate it.
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