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Originally Posted by Dread Pendragon View Post
Recruiting top riders seems like a really good idea. It won't help much making the class a financially viable thing, but starting with the Jonahs and Quinns is obviously the best strategy to find elite competitors. And since they already have sponsors it might be easier to persuade them to support a rally effort than approaching a company from scratch.
Bringing in top level, sponsored factory riders would affect the financial viability of a Dakar training school ... with riders come sponsors ... and in their wake lots of "normal" non pro riders who want to learn and rub elbows with the Hot Shots. All good.

Both the pro riders, their agents and sponsors need to want to Do rallies and make a commitment ... be willing to see future financial gains/prestige it could bring ... and realize it will be a slow building process ... not instant CASH flow. Seems to work for the big Euro sponsors from a broad variety of segments.

Fun Fun Charlie understands this probably better than anyone in the USA ... a true Pioneer.

Originally Posted by Dread Pendragon View Post
That's fine for the objective of developing elite riders, but why not let the pretenders help pay the bills? (And I mean "pretenders" in the best possible way--I'm a pretender and damned if I'm not handsome as a boar in a barnyard.)

Sure, if having both groups created a worse experience for the best riders then it would be a problem, but if the class was structured in a way that those with real potential still learned what they came to learn (without the other's feeling ignored or slighted) then why not? Depending on what his groups were like, Charlie would have an informed opinion as to whether or to what degree this would be a problem for Jimmy.
Good stuff ... absolutely a good thing to have non pro riders in the mix. This will help the bottom line and make it really fun and educational.

But the Pro's kind of need "special treatment" and should be somewhat apart from the non pro's ... this could help them get to the top level required to stay out front. All could be fun no matter what.

Making it pay and sustainable is the hard part.
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