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Originally Posted by kpt4321 View Post
Of course it does.

Considering that both MotoGP and WSBK allow (and actively use) traction control, your argument that it is "for squids" seems moot. Unless you want to call all those guys squids?

If you don't realize what a terrible analogy this is, I'm not sure it's worth replying to your posts any more. Furthermore, it's not even as clear cut as you want to make it out to be, because they allow shoes (in running), all kinds of high-tech clothing and equipment (wet suits, archery, skis, snowboards, etc, etc).
I agree with both you and lemieuxmc, if you can't get the bike around a track without TC at a fairly good clip then you need to spend some more time learning throttle control. However, that doesn't negate the fact that the limiting factor on modern bikes in terms of acceleration is the contact patch of the rear wheel. Without TC you won't be able to wring the most out of a machine because the human nervous system simply can't match the telemetry gathering and reaction speeds of a computer.

Perhaps an example he can relate to a little better is that Marine helo drivers simply can't effectively pilot a CH-46 or V-22 to maximum performance without the flight computer, the control inputs required to do so are simply needed too fast and too complex for humans to perform them to maximum potential. Does this mean CH-46(47 for you hookers in the Army and Airforce) and V-22 pilots are inferior or are using a crutch? No, they are simply using all the tools available to complete the mission with maximum effectiveness. Piloting a high performance motorcycle around a track at the threshold of traction is no different.
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