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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
This is the thing, based on the posed question, if you wear what you wear, no matter what you ride, you are not posing. If you swap gear like making the panties match the bra, you are posing.
Not true. I ride my K1100LT without a helmet because it's an awesome bike for that and provides great protection from the wind/bugs. (A few bugs sneak over the windscreen but a bandanna on the forehead takes care of that.) I wouldn't ride any of my other bike without a FF helmet because of the wind/bugs.

The funny thing is that in general nobody talks to to me when I ride it without a helmet. The BMW riders are too good to talk to someone who doesn't have a helmet on (ROFLMAO) and the other branders don't like talking to Beemer owners anyhow. Usually the only guys who BS with me are older dudes on Harleys who most likely have hundreds of thousands of miles under their belt. They don't seem to give a shit what I'm wearing/riding nor do I care about their choice of ride/gear.
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