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I agree with both you and lemieuxmc, if you can't get the bike around a track without TC at a fairly good clip then you need to spend some more time learning throttle control. However, that doesn't negate the fact that the limiting factor on modern bikes in terms of acceleration is the contact patch of the rear wheel. Without TC you won't be able to wring the most out of a machine because the human nervous system simply can't match the telemetry gathering and reaction speeds of a computer.
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Perhaps an example he can relate to a little better is that Marine helo drivers simply can't effectively pilot a CH-46 or V-22 to maximum performance without the flight computer, the control inputs required to do so are simply needed too fast and too complex for humans to perform them to maximum potential. Does this mean CH-46(47 for you hookers in the Army and Airforce) and V-22 pilots are inferior or are using a crutch? No, they are simply using all the tools available to complete the mission with maximum effectiveness. Piloting a high performance motorcycle around a track at the threshold of traction is no different.
I think you get it. Racing classes that allow DTC and ABS are biased toward the ability of the manufacturer to create a more complex (yet faster) racer. They then have a marketable technology for the squid market; Hey kids, can't handle a 150 hp bike without landing on your ass? The new KamayasondaBM XYR1000zrr has DTC and ABS that will let you ride much faster than that old codger on the Norton Commando!

Your example of the V-22 or other high performance aircraft is valid, but only in a very limited, high value situation. The Marines and Army would be much better served operationally by having lots of modern production 46/47's with updated technology rather than the relatively few V-22's that they have available.

One of the greatest attractions of motorcycles is that they offer relatively high performance with a minimal level of complication and expense.

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