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Originally Posted by lemieuxmc View Post
I think you get it. Racing classes that allow DTC and ABS are biased toward the ability of the manufacturer to create a more complex (yet faster) racer. They then have a marketable technology for the squid market; Hey kids, can't handle a 150 hp bike without landing on your ass? The new KamayasondaBM XYR1000zrr has DTC and ABS that will let you ride much faster than that old codger on the Norton Commando!
Right! The only reason they use traction control is to sell it to squids!

Your example of the V-22 or other high performance aircraft is valid, but only in a very limited, high value situation. The Marines and Army would be much better served operationally by having lots of modern production 46/47's with updated technology rather than the relatively few V-22's that they have available.
Oh, check it out, the guy is also an expert on the tactics of military equipment!

In the end, you're just another ADVRider with a garage full of unexciting bikes and no racing experience, who somehow is more knowledgeable than the professionals, and feels it is their responsibility to talk big like they know what's best and right for everyone else. You've ridden a lot of 150+ horsepower bikes around a track, presumably, given how much you know about them?
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