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Originally Posted by RMZMZM View Post
Somehow I have missed how the OP's question relates to anything in the article he is referencing.

The engineer dresses the way he wants to when he is on his own time (dime) pursuing his hobbies.

When working for BMW or playing on a racetrack, he dresses the way his employer or track owner (and their insurer) tells him to.

I see no conflict of interest or inconsistency in behavior.
As the OP, I see no conflict of interest either and did not intent to show that the engineer was inconsistent.

The thread was started as a thought provoking exercise. I often dress similar to the engineer based on the style of bike I ride and according to Jim I'm a poser. I'm fine with that, I know the risks and fully accept them.

What I can't seem to so readily accept, is how many people (on this forum) that share my passion for motorcycles, are so quick to criticize and condemn those of us that ride with minimal gear, ride cruisers, or ride with louder than stock aftermarket exhaust. We are constantly referred to asshats, and again I could less.

I did however found it ironic that a top engineer for a brand which is revered by the intelligentsia likes to occasionally ride a open piped cruiser with no gear and without the context of who he is or where he works would likely be labeled a poser and I wondered if others saw the irony.

In defense of the members here, you guys have been fairly consistent in that some say wear and ride and what you want and others claim poser if one wears a particular "costume".
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