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Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
The mods are gonna announce that we're going to turn off image uploads to our server. You'll have to host your images somewhere to post. Reason being reading/writing the images just uses more disk I/O, slowing down database access to the disks. Also, going to more expensive solid-state disks means I don't want to fill them up with images.

I turned off image uploads in the past once, but since I own a photo sharing site I was accused of doing it because I'm a capitalist pig out to line my pockets at the expense of the little people.

Oh well, better to be an evil man who can keep his free forum up.
You're just another Evil Man Baldwanna. Getting us all hooked then changing things. Were you a dope dealer in another lifetime

Hey Boss, do whatcha gotta do, we all appreciate it!

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