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Originally Posted by kpt4321 View Post
Right! The only reason they use traction control is to sell it to squids!

Oh, check it out, the guy is also an expert on the tactics of military equipment!

In the end, you're just another ADVRider with a garage full of unexciting bikes and no racing experience, who somehow is more knowledgeable than the professionals, and feels it is their responsibility to talk big like they know what's best and right for everyone else. You've ridden a lot of 150+ horsepower bikes around a track, presumably, given how much you know about them?,9171,1666282,00.html

V-22 $67 million a piece in 2010 after billions in development costs.

CH 47 $35 million a piece in 2008 after nearly 50 years of amortization of development costs. Bell/Textron pitched a new composite bodied, fly by wire, improved power plant version as an alternative to the V-22.

Some things are drastically improved by the application of electronic/computer technology. Some things reach their ultimate potential at a lower level of technological development. A Marine with a Ka-Bar is a lot more effective than Woody Allen with a photon laser blaster.

Kenny Roberts on an RD 350 would probably leave most guys far behind on The Dragon even if they were riding the latest 1000cc techno rocket.

A man has to know his limitations, maybe you will develop the judgement to go with that big attitude some day.
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