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Originally Posted by danedg View Post

I dropped the 11 year old oil today... crystal clear honey...not a speck of cereal...
No indication of cylinder problems...
Hooked up a battery and got a coupla lights, but no spinning of starter....
Methinks the wiring might be podged.....
And that might have saved your butt.

Nice find, Dan. But I'd be pulling the heads to check the cylinders if it were me.

I love Eldorados. Recieved an e-mail earlier this afternoon from a friend in Toronto who just took delivery of a '73 from Texas. Didn't even know he was looking. Canadian police forces never used them, so they're as rare as hen's teeth up here. I bought the first one I ever saw in the fall of '80 and rode it across Canada the following spring. Finally saw another one about a year later in the Rockies. The owner bought me lunch...

Blah, blah, blah... Have fun, Dan. You've got a fine bike there.

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