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Originally Posted by andrewgore View Post
Yah know, I had seen that post earlier when this thread first came up, but I'd forgotten all about it. It seems I am on the same track with creating the tracks\routes I'm looking for. I hadn't put a ton of thought into alternate routes\work-arounds, though I'll be aim to add much more of that.

Any info on the program\spreadsheet you're using for creating the Roadbook? I had found a few: RBEditor Don Barrow Tulip Software,, etc. Always helps hearing from guys actually using the software (and not 6 years ago).

In the meantime, I'll be continuing the process of just jotting notes\etc for each thing.

Andrew, I'm in Ohio, if you need someone to come out and ride some routes, or just somebody to ride with, let me know, I'm always looking at excuses to ride places I haven't!
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