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Originally Posted by andrewgore View Post
I'd love to hear more in depth on your process on your creation of your Roadbooks. What programs, methods, etc (though I understand if you got things you don't want to give away).
Originally Posted by andrewgore View Post
Any info on the program\spreadsheet you're using for creating the Roadbook?
I pretty much gave away my whole process in that earlier post. Most of the details I didn't go into are too messy and complicated to explain. I wrote a lot of Excel macros and created some other custom software to make my process easier, but they are not at all user friendly. It's so messed up that I have to spend a few hours fixing links and pointers every time I move to a different computer. And they only work in Excel 2002. There's no way I could pass on my custom tools without also being on call 24/7 to debug the problems. As I think I said earlier, in my opinion unless you want your roadbook to look perfect and you're going to be making new roadbook routes for years to come, you're way better off just writing the roadbook by hand with a pencil. It's WAY faster that way.

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That's because you're F5ing like crazy on Ned's thread :)
Yep, it's hard to take first place in two different races at the same time!
New desert racing frontiers
It will be Devilish !
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