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Back Again.....

Hi Guys... its been a while since I posted here, I was pretty busy up until just before Xmas. I've done a little work on my bike at Timothy Ford's place in Orange county. The clutch was showing early signs of slipping.
We took the plates out but Timmy didnt have the right ones so I cleaned them up and just stuck them back in . Ive order a new set which I hope to put in soon.

I've updated the website with a couple of entries since I was here last, its very hard to find the balance of enjoying where you are and supplying updates.

Overall things are going well, but there is no point in sugar coating it either, I have been on travelling for 4 months now and being on your own and travelling can get you down a little. But also it could be that havent been on the road for a while and need to hit the road again!!!

Im in Vencie Beach CA, and will make a move to San Diego and then on to Mexcio very soon.

I got invited to Vegas by this Argentinian girl so I headed there for the New Year... shhhiiittt.. you Americans now how to party!!!.. i blew more money there than I could have afforded to and got sucked in, but had a great time! and it was well needed!!

So if you want to see the full updates you'll catch em on the website, facebook and the YOu tube channel.

I think the most challenging times still lie ahead and I'm getting myself in gear to hit Mexico!!!!! ( you think Mexico is crazy there was a shooting and stabbing outside my Hostel on the Vencie Beach the other day!!!!!)

Thanks for the escort out of San Fran by some of the BARF members a few weeks ago!!!!

thanks for reading

Keep her lit....
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