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Originally Posted by grinder96 View Post
Yes. If you want a true supermoto, get a non-street legal 450 dirt bike, drop thousands into the engine and suspension and go race or track day to your hearts content.

The bikes I was referring to were the street legal, factory fitted, asphalt hoot'in, lane splitting, grin installing SuperMotos.

I thinks it pretty obvious that these street legal SM's are not made for racing (Aprilia SXV), nor for a one bike do everything garage and trust me I have tried...between buying street wheels and tires for my XR400R, then selling it. Then getting TE wheels for my SM610.... I finally gave up and bought the right bike for the choir. Dirt bike, around town bike, and traveler (I am working on vintage now)

To me, running errands around town there is nothing more fun then a SM, my only point is there going away.....
Well sure just ignore the best of the bunch the 690 SMC to make your point. The fact is, the DRZ, and WR make crappy SM's mainly because they have such shitty power to weight ratio's. As for Husky, if they truly have discontinued the 630 SM, it's probably because something else close to it is in the works and we'll see it when they finalize their street bike lineup.

Something like this maybe:

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