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Previous update- Redwoods San Fran to LA.

Evidently I have not provided all my updates here!!!!

Warning this post contains some regurgitated hippy "mumbo jumbo".. disregard at your leisure.. I'am simply giving the full gammoth of my experiece and the random people I meet!!

One more post and we'll be up to date.. hope you enjoy!!

So I am now in Los Angeles*California!!!!, Today I completed another 2 *miles stones I got the must have photo for Los Angeles, the*famous*Hollywood sign! and Little Honda Surpassed the 7000 miles mark on this journey and currently has 35,909 miles on the clock!!!!....EPIC.

The last few weeks have been very busy, so apologies for not updating sooner!! I've met some very interesting people over the last few weeks and this blog covers a whole range of places, people and experiences. I have been staying with Timothy Ford for the last few days. Tim contacted me through the HondaC70 forum I had posted on before I left. I will write a seperate post on Timmy's bikes as he has a few very special ones. *But here is the account of the last few weeks,

(Its 2am so sorry for any editting mistakes!)

The Redwoods

Wow is all I can say... well and a few other things I suppose..

Majestic, awesome (in the true sense of the word), spectacular, beautiful, amazing, humbling.

The below is a quote from the poem The Redwoods by*Joseph B. Strauss ( and designer*of the Golden Gate Bridge)

"This is their temple, vaulted high,
And here, we pause with reverent eye,
With silent tongue and awestruck soul;
For here we sense life's proper goal:

To be like these, straight, true and fine,
to make our world like theirs, a shrine;
Sink down, Oh, traveler, on your knees,
God stands before you in these trees."




I took a walk through the area, saw some speclatular looking trees and then took a tourist ride in a cable car up into the*mountain, , trees are better seen from the ground in my opinion.



A couple of days later I reached Hombolt National Park where there are a lot more amazing trees,


I decided I wanted to camp in the woods that night.*I hid my bike behind some trees, which was*surprisingly*difficult, and covered it with a tarp.


I found a nice spot not too far off the road, close to a river. I cooked my food that afternoon on the dry gravel river bed (the Winter flood plain).


There was a large fallen giant thant spanned the whole way from the road, through the forest and out over the gravel river bed. It formed a great bridge that allowed me to walk a path *through 3 *distincly different habitats.


That night I walked to the end of the tree suspended about 15 feet above the gravel river bed I sat and read *some pages given to me by a guy who I met the night before at a beach.

I had camped at a beach the previous night which I arrived at by chance, after getting off Highway 101 due to heavy and fast traffic. I met a guy there with his girlfriend called Zane. They had been traveling for a few weeks in a large 4x4 and would be travelling for another 4 months or so. Zane was really*enthusiastic*and full of life and advice on the local areas. We only spoke briefly.

I lit a small fire and chilled out under the stars reading by my camp at the beach ( where I left my last blog)

The next day I was packing up my gear and Zane and his girl friend came over to me. He had few pages of printed A4 for me. I noticed it had a copper spiral paper clip. He said he had not given this to many people but he offered it to me and said I could either read it or use it as kindling. He was trying not to appear forceful of passing on his material. He had also written other novels as he told me, and he uses an Alias of Shane Dillon! Which he took to be a significant coincidence, and I too.

I took it and said I would read it and left for the Redwoods..

So anyway, I sat on the end of the tree in the dark of night in the redwoods, with just *head torch and read his few pages.

To give you the jist of it, Zane is "done". He is done with many things, and he feels like he has*exhausted*his usefulness in his present state in Life.

A few years ago, in a moment of dispair Zane had an experience that changed the course of his life. In that moment Zane described that he had stood in the presence of what he now calls God. He was not a religious guy beforehand he did not believe in God per se. Nor would I call him religious now, based on his literature. In his experience, Zane experienced a pure white energy and light, embodied*by wisdom and was filled with what he*described*as unadulterated love. As a result of that experience he has made it his life's work to follow his*inspiration.

He believes that Life is simply for the experience and the body a means of transport, a receptical or a tool to experience it through. He now has no fear of death and welcomes the outcome. Though that is not what he is seeking. Death he believes, like any process is merely the finishing up of an experience and the transition to the next.

He believes we are at a dawn of a new age, an age of the evolution of human consciousnesses. He believes mankind has not yet unlocked our*true abilities and realised our full*potential, in particular our minds.

He writes;

"It is a time of radical evolution. Not of machinery or of technology or*convenience*or*destruction, but an evolution of*consciousnesses*through expanded awareness , whereby the power and the potential of the mind are realised, revealed and released, not to a gifted few, but to any who embrace the qualities of the dawning age, the Age of Aquarius which carries with it the highest ideals of Humanity."

he continues *"...nothing has ever been released that has not*released*itself ", and that in order to move this process on he intends to take what he believes to be positive steps towards this*advancement.

he writes..

"As I stated in the begining, I am complete in this experience, and I am ready for my next. I am ready to evolve. At some undisclosed time prior to the date, as the caterpillar forges his cocoon I will sequestor myself into isolation removing all external influence and sustenance. I as I currently am will not becoming back, not in my present form anyway, if at all. I am submitting and applying myself- the entirity of who I am and the full force of my will and desire to the metamorphosis process. I am going forth to become what I AM."

"... I have made my committment. My will be done, I can not fail"


Zane has set a date fo this 11 pf March 2012. He*has a website/blog * if anyone is interested in following whatever process he is about to engage in. The piece he gave me is in his Blog, entitled "The Unveiling".

It was very interesting to have met him.

Fort Bragg.

I left the headed down the road and came to Fort Bragg, and ended up at a small fishing pier called Noyo. Where I was met by a guy walking a dog. He said to me. "thats a long way to come on a small bike". He mentioned he was from Ireland.. "oh yeah" i responded "from where"? Dillon Country came the reply .. was I hearing things?.. who? where ?

Dusty Dillion was his name from Athlone Ireland. The same location where the Dillons of Harpoonstown had originated. Was I standing in front of a long lost relative?.*Probably*I figured.

Dusty allowed me to set up my tent in his little RV park at the pier. The next day I spent with him, preparing some boats for the lighted boat parade he helps organise. Dusty is also good friends with Matt Molly proproter of Matt Malloys pub in Westport Co Mayo.







While there I also met a guy called Roger who personally knows Ted Simon (any self respecting motorcyce traveller will know who Ted is), and used to work for him on his organic farm. Ted was one of the early pioneers of overland long distance motorcycle travel and his*book "Jupiters Travels" inspired thousands of people to hit the road on their motorcycle.

Thanks Dusty and Roger!!

After there I headed on to Mendocino, to catch up * with MendoDave. Dave conatcted me before I left where he came across my post on a Honda forum. He had been restoring a old Honda Passport*of his friend's Daughter. He allowed me to use his workshop to carry out what ever maintenance repairs I required. Thanks Dave it was a*pleasure*hanging out for those 2 days!! (Dave also knows Ted!!- small world)




I continued down Highway 1 with hugging the coast and enjoy the*unusual*sunshine.






I arrived with just shy of 7000 miles completed and with the Honda having completed c.35,780 miles over 25 years. What a little fighter this bike is. For those of you that might not be into bikes per se, that is A LOT of miles for a tiny one cylinder engine!! Though the bike is starting to show some signs of its age, the clutch slipping a little and it is popping out of 3rd gear sometimes. I will update again on the bike status. But these can be*dealt*with.


So now I need to decide on my next steps, I was hoping to make Death Valley for Christmas. Death Valley for Christmas*apparently*is Mecca for some people, but I am not sure that will happen now. I need to make some very good preparations before I tackle the desert on the bike. So watch this space!! Where I will spend Christmas I am not sure, but I'm not too concerned right now.



More to come...



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