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Thanks for the advice man... I'm thinking of going native as you might have guessed!! I'll watch out for those narrow Baja roads too!! Think I might try find a family to live with for a couple of weeks to learn the language!

re website Vs ADVrider...I guess people these days want their news delivered to them and ADV certainly does that, it has a captive audience. So I am just learning all this stuff!!

as you can see Im catching up!!!

Thanks for the comments!!

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
hey Sean, see my earlier post quoted above. Narrow Baja roads ... I've seen a few cyclist's run into the ditch ... sometimes there is no ditch!

Baja is very quiet now. I was just there last month. Not many tourists to speak of. No danger from the Narcos, military or Police there.

Sounds like Venice Beach agrees with you. My old stomping grounds from the 60's/70's. I know well the "Travel Blues", having been on the road in my youth off/on for seven years ... most of the time in Latin America.

You can go two ways down there ... 1. hit every GringoTenango along the Gringo trail and hang out mostly with other tourists (Euros, Brits, Yanks, Kiwi's Aussies, et al) ... or 2. go native, learn the language and go to work. Staying busy really helps cure the blues. Plenty of opportunities.

I started an import business. Payed the bills, kept me on the road.

Good luck with the bike .... Ride Safe!

(PS: UpDates? Web Site vs. ADV Rider: You have 5500 views to this thread and 51 posts. How does you web site compare?)
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