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Mexican Oil: Pemex .... Warning!

Great up date Sean.

One other Tip on Mexico you may not know about: OIL.

Very important for your little monster I should think. Mexican oil is junk. You will see lots of USA brands sold there (Pennzoil, Quaker State, Mobil One and more) thing is ... read the label. It will say: Hecho en Mexico.

Here's how it works: US companies sell the right to use the brand/label ... but it is ALL Pemex oil. (Petrolios Mexicanos). Pemex is a state run monopoly ... there is only ONE oil company in Mexico and it's owned by Mexican govt. Same goes with the gasoline. All and only Pemex. It may say Quaker State ... but it's just Pemex oil.

And guess what? It will not contain ANY of the high tech (and very secret) additive packages common to ALL USA oil. This is probably why you see even NEW cars smoking and belching fumes throughout Mexico. The oil is junk and the cars wear out very quickly because of this.

The proprietary blends and additives are NOT shared with the Mexicans when the US companies license the brand.

You are lucky, your little Honda doesn't need much oil ... I would bring enough USA oil for TWO oil changes. This should get you through Mexico.

In Central America USA (and some Euro) oil is available, moto oil too but VERY expensive.

PS: you CAN find US made oil in Mexico ... and even US made Moto speciality oil ... but man, it is like $17 to $20 a quart and not sold many places. If you buy it ... make sure it says Hecho en Estados Unidos (EEUU).

Here at home I use Mobil One synthetic car oil all my bikes. (for the last 150,000 miles) I use the Extended Mileage Mobil One or High Mileage. Either are good and neither contain friction modifiers. (bad for clutch)
But any USA oil will be good, whether synthetic, a blend or basic mineral oil. You can buy oil very cheap at Wal-Mart in a 5 liter jug. Easy to carry. So strap on a jug and your motor will thank you!

Good luck!

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