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My (not so)supermoto is going ... to work. I never carry a pillion, never need to transport anything that won't fit in a small waterproof backpack, never need to go faster than about 75mph, and don't need to accelerate quicker than your average muscle car (0-60 in less than 5 sec on the DR650, FMF/airbox/jetted). My stripped-down DR650 (346 pounds with 5gal of fuel) is light, nimble, low maintenance, indestructible, easy on gas, perfect for low speed rough urban roads (sticky tires, plenty of suspension travel), adequate passing power even at 75mph, and has an upright riding position for good visibility in traffic. $65 per year full coverage insurance. A Laminar Lip windscreen makes the freeway segment more pleasant. I park inside my building at work -- free covered parking! I would like to have a better front brake than the stock DR -- planning to try a braided line and (if necessary) a 320mm rotor.

As a purely practical matter, it saves me $1000/yr on fuel, and it also makes my 18-mile commute a bit of fun instead of just a slog in my truck.

ALL motorcycles are limited-use vehicles. My homebrew sm is a great urban commuter. It wouldn't be my first choice for a x-country ride, but if I felt like going around the continent, I wouldn't hesitate to go on the DR, with either the sm or dirt wheelset. It doesn't have 50hp, but any cage that leaves the stoplight quicker than I do isn't going to impede my commute anyway.
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