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..yeah .. google gives you the standard "approx." address .. but the house is easily visible using street view and one guys Flicker photos confirm the pic you posted up of the trail marker also ..

.. good to see the work that has been done since the google-cam came through .. the house looks really good now (in your shot) ..

.. neat site .. and the google search revealed a wealth of similar sites in my home county also .. lol ..

.. and the wife (bless her) just took the kids to her moms (yeah team) .. and the wife will be at work until the late hours (I'd try and pout, but it would be unconvincing) .. so now all I need to do is get off my arse and swap out that rear tube (to much kid-time yesterday to accomplish the task .. let's face it, really kewl Christmas toys were begging to be played with) ..
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