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Originally Posted by Howzit View Post
Great site Baldy but a couple of questions:

- So rather than linking to a copyrighted image do we now download that to our computer and then upload that to SmugMug (or whomever)?

- Wont we now overload SmugMug and open them up to a host of copyright issues?

...keep up the great work!
You can still hotlink a picture from anywhere via the - button. Be it from the original site where you found it, from your smugmug or from any other image hosting site. The boss just turns off the "attach images" function, which uploads an image to the ADV server. This feature was already disabled in JM and in a couple of other subforums.

Copyright is a different thing, you should generally respect photographer's rights and give credit. And I sure hope we don't overload SmugMug, hosting photos is their job.

Clear as mud?

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