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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post

While you all are thinking about this, I'm curious what part of the Grand Rally makes you want to do it? Is it the the cool terrain, or the rally style roadbook navigation, or the rally oriented people involved, or the idea of a long challenging adventure, or what?

For me it is the "cool terrain" and the "idea of a long challenging adventure". As I posted before, the navigation doesn't interest me at all.

I have done the western TAT, and did the continental divide last summer. I like long varied rides. Being miles and miles and miles away from anything or anybody is appealing to me. I don't want to live like that, but I do like a good visit now and then.

Your question reminded me of a question my wife asked me about 30 years ago. I had talked her into coming to a MX race. Right before she got there I had crashed and tore some ribs loose from my sternum.I was covered in dust and sweat, jersey was ripped all up and I was trying to NOT look like I was in pain since I was trying to convince her that dirt bikes weren't really dangerous. She sat in a lawn chair in the 100 degree heat, frowning at the dust heat and noise watching me try to eat a piece of chicken. Swallowing caused immense pain.

After a few minutes she asked " how can this POSSIBLY be fun"?

"I dunno" I said, "it just is".
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