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one thing that would sell a ton more is drop height.
35" seat height on a street bike?
drop down 2-3 inches, that would still give 7-8" of ground clearance/travel and improve street dirt road handling. easier turn transitions, easier sliding on dirt, OK so less good on big air jumps.

unless a rider is used to 35"seat height via a dirt background, it scares the hell out of many street riders. the small bores mentioned are bought be many new riders, height is bad for them.

going with a lower pipe would help handling as well, since they are quite heavy, get the weight low.

Bike Mfr are dumb as hell sometimes. I should be paid big bucks by these dumb bastards to tell them why their shit doesnt sell. but it would never get past the suit committee.
Dont get me started on the stink bug rear ends on dually bikes that imitate sport bikes.....
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