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Originally Posted by rufus View Post
After a few minutes she asked " how can this POSSIBLY be fun"?

"I dunno" I said, "it just is".
LOL, literally.

Another story, sort of related: After taking a ten year hiatus from motorcycles starting when I was born, my dad was in the market for another bike and things had changed a lot. We went to look at quite a few bikes and he was just spellbound with all of the new stuff, not sure what to choose. I remember him asking one of the sellers why he was liquidating his bikes...his reply will forever ring in my ears as scary and appealing, and it went something like: "...well, I had a lot of fun racing, and it's always kept me in pretty good shape. But I found out that I could get the same effect by putting all of my gear on, sitting in the sun for a few hours and sweating through it all, rolling around in the dirt and mud, and then having my wife beat me randomly with a 2x4 about four feet long. And that was a lot cheaper, she was a lot happier, and I wasn't gone from the house for the day, so the kids and dog didn't miss me."

He was joking, of course, but even when I was ~10 or so, I got the double meaning in his joke.
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