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Originally Posted by SR View Post
Grifter I didnt want to get into a discussion about motor oil Seans RR but what you said about Mexican motor oil piqued my curiosity. I always buy Castrol GTX at Autozone in Mexico. I never noticed if it was Hecho in Mexico or not but I just looked and it says Hecho in EUA. It costs something like 80 or 90 pesos a liter. I'm not saying some of the oil products they sell in Mexico aren't crap, just saying you can get good oil at reasonable prices in Mexico at Autozone. Of course, the OPs bike probably only takes a liter.

I am subscribed to this thread and looking forward to seeing where this takes us! Sean, if you come my way give me a shout.
That's a good invitation. Durango is a great town and great riding all around. Good on ya for extending the invite.
I was in La Paz, BC last month at Wal-Mart. USA made regular 10/40 Mobil oil was $167 Pesos/qt. ... about $13 USD. Synthetic Mobil One was around 250 pesos, or $20 usd/quart. Good to know Auto Zone is competitive. I'd not heard of that. On the road, going through small towns I never saw US made oil anywhere ... ALL Hecho en Mexico. YMMV of course.

I have a Mexican acquaintance in Tijuana who only uses USA made oil. Easy for him, being so close. He runs a body shop/painting ... and very good mechanic.
Sorry for the HI-Jack Sean ... But this oil business could be important for you. A few thousand miles with bad oil riding in High temps, fully loaded bike, high RPM's, motor working hard could, CLAP OUT your engine rather quickly.
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