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Originally Posted by basketcase View Post
I discovered that hooking the Nuvi 550 directly to the battery will run the battery down if one does not keep it on a maintainer. That is because the "hot-fix" feature of the 550 requires a slight but continual power supply to avoid a complete reboot and re-acquisition of satellites the next time the unit is turned on.

So, the options are (1) wire to a switched source, or (2) remove the GPS from the bike each time I get home.

I would just as soon wire to a switched lead.

What suggestions can any of you offer for hooking into a switched lead under the headlight cowling?

Thanks in advance,
Originally Posted by ER70S-2 View Post
There's a black plug with a brown and a black/white wire over the headlight. It's used for the tach light, which we don't have, and it's switched.
Right on! That's a good plug ... I use it for my heated grips. There are some other switched wires free but all are around the battery area.
I would only use GPS when on the road ... so taking it off the bike at the end of every riding day is a given no matter what. Only takes a few minutes to re-acquire the birds, no?
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