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Mine's running

Jacking your thread a little....
Started my K1 for the first time today. Still lots to do, but she runs.

Finished up the first phase of the restoring of Little Blue. Tried the first start up today and she cranked on the third kick. I still need to adjust the valves, timing, points, cam chain, but she ran!!

So far I've:

replaced the fork seals
cleaned and rebuilt the carbs
fabbed a mount for the rectifier
cleaned up the wiring, replaced some connections
fixed the tail light, replaced the lens, soldered a ground wire
rebuilt switch housings, painted same and mounted on K-2 bars
replaced foot pegs, lever perches and levers, hand grips
replaced air filter housings, boots and filters
replaced the main switch
replaced various fasteners

Need to:
fab exhaust pipes w/slip on can
lots of polishing
replace tires and rim locks
clean out the Kreme in the gas tank
replace rusty spokes
get her inspected and plated. She qualifies for an Antique plate and that's what I'm going to get.

Short vids of the start up.
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