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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Right on! That's a good plug ... I use it for my heated grips. There are some other switched wires free but all are around the battery area.
I would only use GPS when on the road ... so taking it off the bike at the end of every riding day is a given no matter what. Only takes a few minutes to re-acquire the birds, no?
Thanks for the several replies.

At home I park in an enclosed garage so I can leave the unit on the bike without any theft worries.

Most of the time when out riding I am only stopped for a few minutes and I'm usually in the woods someplace. That said, if I do happen to stop someplace where theft might be an issue I can pull it and stick it in a pocket.

ER70S-2, I'll look for that tach wire. Thanks again!
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