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Tag #8 - A Horse of a Different Color ..

I don't remember this horse being this color when I passed it a while back and in fact Google Maps shows it in the color I remember it .. as it looks brand spank'in new, it's recently become a horse of a different color .. or three ..

.. okay .. the clues in the picture should be enough .. but JIC (just in case) you can't make out the clue .. here's some more ..

This patriotic steed sits at the intersection of a State Route and a U.S. Route ..

Clue #1 - The State Route has a number one "year" earlier than our nations Bicentennial Year ..

Clue #2 - The State Route also bears the last name of a "CoverGirl" who was married to Billy Joel and graced the cover of Sport Illustrated three times in a row (no one else has been able to repeat that hat trick iirc).

Clue #3 - When you find this State Route you can follow it until it runs into a U.S. Route that has three digits that add up to 14 .. interestingly, even though this as a U.S. Route it runs only in the State of NC from Mocksville, NC to Nags Head, NC.

Clue #4 - An additional clue for the U.S. Route .. this section also bears the name of one of Rockingham County's larger cities (give away hint: according to Rockingham County's website this city is the second largest in the county) .. though that's honestly not going to narrow it down very much, some locals know it by this name.
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