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Originally Posted by shrineclown View Post
I do not know anyone who has worked with him personally. But having listened to him on the radio often, I think he may be difficult to get along with. That is a hard pressed balance to be self confident enough to be a great driver, and humble enough to be nice to the people who probably matter most to you, your crew. It seems in Europe they kind of expect and accept their drivers being aloof, or self involved. In the US, you have a hard time finding a seat. I think that is where he may be....trying to find his equilibrium on this side.
I'm thinking it is more of a sponsorship issue. You can't tell me Robbie Gordon is easier to get along with.

A lot of drivers, top drivers, are struggling to get top rides and drives due to lack of funding. Autosport, iirc, this month has a good article on the paying drivers and how they are becoming more of a threat for traditionally non-paying more talented drivers who have lost sponsorship funding.
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