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Originally Posted by Just GO! View Post
I got bitten last fall after riding with a couple friends who were on SM's. One was a Husky 610SM and the other a motarded KLX400 (DRZ400S) with performance mods. We were mostly riding on tight, twisty, county roads in West Virginia. I was surprised at how fast they were.

A few weeks later I got to ride that motarded KLX and see for myself what all the hub-bub was about.

I now own this....................

........and I live just minutes from some really nice roads in SE Ohio. The purchase price was such that I'll be able to hot rod it and still not be in too deep.

I have a feeling that I'll be havin' some fun in 2012. Ain't that what it's all about anyway?
Nice.... I need a set of SM wheels for my DRZ. I am gonna run harder longer lasting sport touring type road tires so that I can drift more and save some dough on tires.

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