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Exhaust update and other stuff.....

Friday morning I went to pick up my 350 twin race bike from the exhaust shop, where she's been for the last month. When I called to let the guy know I would be in to get it, he said he had only made the tt pipes but was not comfortable or prepared to cut my stock pipes fearing he would get it wrong. So I said ok, that's fine, I understand. When I get to his shop, he met me at the door and said I've got some bad news.......seems as he was getting ready for me to arrive he had piled my parts up and then opened the shop door and drove the tow truck over the parts. Really. @#$$%%^&*(*&!!!!! One of the stock pipes had gotten flattened and one of the new TT pipes was pretty dinged up, but that was about the extent of the damage. He made another TT pipe while I loaded up and kept telling me how sorry he was. Believe it or not, I did not get mad, he was so sorry it was hard to be mad. He didn't charge me for anything and offered to pay for the flattened pipe, I just said it's ok, we've got spares. Anyway, enough about that, on to other things.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to the coast to get some riding time in on one of Luke's single track areas. I'm sure the young bucks are going to give the old guy a hard time but I'll do my best to keep up! When we get done riding, we will head over to Lonnie's to do some work on Paul's Baja racer, and I've got quite a few parts and pieces for the project already loaded up and ready to go. I will write a more detailed report of our riding adventure and shop progress on Monday morning.
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