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Originally Posted by kdscoates View Post
So let me ask some stupid questions here
You get the quick valve and it screws right in the oil tank when you pull the plug and then you no longer have to remove the tank on the oil change just reach up there and flip the valve and drain the oil down the tube.
The other mod has a plug you pull off and drain the oil which is left right under the bike in the belly pan but you have to grind
out a spot in the metal piece that holds the belly pan up.
I think I get it but I am just trying to be clear
On the QuikValve you do also have to grind out that corner of the aluminum for the drain hose.

Both methods have a hose that stores between the skid plate and the engine.

With the QuikValve damage to that hose has no consequence.

With the other, damage to that hose, or, if the end cap were to come off, will drain the tank.

The chances of that happening are pretty slim, but I like not having to be concerned with it by using the QuikValve.

If you already have the hose and cap mod there probably isn't any compelling reason to go to QuikValve, as long as you always verify a tight cap and routing to avoid rub/pinch points.

If you have neither it seems that the QuikValve might have enough of an advantage to bias it as the preferred mod.

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