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Welcome to the nut house for sure!!! Spencer, be sure to clean up the exhaust threads with a brush and be liberal with a coat of anti-seize on the threads before reinstalling the head pipes. It sucks when you bugger up those threads. Rebuilding the carbs isn't that bad. Do one at a time, and I wouldn't worry about doing the butterfly screws unless you can borrow the tool to mushroom the heads.

Read this then wander around his site a bit. Good learning there. make sure to use a google search for stuff on advrider. This search engine here sucks.

May want to get some electrical cleaner and dielectric grease and go through all the connections. Might help the horn problem. Lots of info here, lots of good folks willing to help. Oh...change those fuel filters, drop your float bowls and clean them out with carb cleaner and some compressed air for starters.
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