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Thanks for the message man... yes couch surfing has been useful, ive done it a few times and it has always been a positive experience!

Ive got a 3 spare tube with me, one proper rubber one and one of 2 of those shitty plasticy ones..

hard to get decent tubes!!

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I just read your posts and must say I am very impressed with your ride and determination. I know you wont make it to the east coast of the US, to North Carolina, but if you were to, a place for shelter and ample food and drink are here for you.

Dont know if you know about it, but there is an international site called As the name implies, people open their homes to travelers such as you. Might wish to look it up and see if you might find some people local to you. Camping has it's merits, but so does couchsurfing!

As you posted earlier, you sometimes feel guilty in taking people's charity. DONT! It makes people feel genuinely good to help other people, and they get the experience of meeting a traveler from another land. It's a wonderful way to share cultures.

From reading other blogs on traveling in Mexico, I would advise you to pack extra tubes, and tube repair kit and a tire inflater of some type. Of course, the tools needed to do a repair are needed as well. Lots of flats in Mexico from what I read. You probably have addressed this already.

Enjoy your travels and stay safe!


EDIT! I just checked out your blog, which I should have done first. I see you have all the tools you may need and aloso already know about My apologies. Dave
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