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We doubled back and found the actual pass one turn farther East than I thought. We were planning to camp somewhere in the middle of the pass but we didn't like the potential spots. About halfway through the pass we ran into another agent pulling a drag. I was glad to see him because it meant the road would be sweet everywhere he dragged. He wanted to stop and chat so we did. When he started asking us about permits and stuff we excused ourselves and rode on. We spent longer than expected looking for a campsite, riding in and out of a few different turnoffs until we found a pretty nice spot on the back side of Raven Butte.

Here's where the day got interesting...

As we pulled into the campsite and started unloading the bikes I noticed Alan had taken one of his side cases off. I thought back to a short conversation we had earlier about the pros and cons of hard bags vs soft luggage. I have never had hard bags and mentioned to Alan that I had read they could catch the back of your leg while dipping a foot and possibly cause injury. He said he'd never had that happen and thought the bags were high enough for it not to be an issue. I mentioned one of the pros being you could take the bags off while camping and use them as a chair or table. I figured he had taken the bag off for that. I said something like "I guess you decided to take the bags off tonight?" He looked a little confused..."What?". I then realized what had happened. "you're missing a bag". Now, before I could even say "what do you want to do?", Alan had already dropped his stuff jumped back on the bike and sped off to go find it.

So...there I was...sun setting the middle of nowhere...alone. Given the proximity to the border and remoteness, not exactly a comfortable place. What to do...What to do...We didn't have a plan for this. I figured he'd be right back. The case must have fallen off down one of the turnoffs we'd explored looking for a campsite. I just sat down and waited...and waited...and hour went by...then another...where was he? Was he lost? Did he crash? Should I go look for him? What to do...what to do...

I finally decided to stay put. If I left and we missed each other then we'd really be screwed. I figured he was a big boy and a better rider than me so I'd just stay put and if for some reason he wasn't back by morning I'd go look for him then. It was a couple of hours past sunset when I finally heard the familiar sound of Alan's KTM. I was surprised when he had both cases on. I don't know how he found it in the dark. Remember that ratchet strap he found earlier?

Here it is...Fate..? Maybe just good luck.

Here's where we camped the second night.

That's about it. We kept angling Northeast until we hit pavement, gassed up, aired up, had a good lunch at another small steakhouse, and headed back to Ajo on the pavement. I was gone from my house almost exactly 60 hours and put about 730 miles on. It was a pretty great run.

Until next time...
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